If you would like to create your own Internet site, but you do not have any previous knowledge or skills how to do that, you can use ready-made themes which will enable you to start your online presence without difficulty. With the advancement of the web design software within the last years, templates are no longer single pages with a vivid background. Themes for static Internet sites in most cases include lots of different pages for various purposes due to the fact that content can't be generated dynamically, while web themes for script-driven applications offer an intuitive interface via which you can manage a number of advanced options, like media content or the number of columns on a certain Internet site. This allows you to start a feature-rich Internet site even if you haven't used this sort of an app in the past.

Free Website Templates in Cloud Web Hosting

With each of the cloud web hosting packages we offer we will provide you with access to hundreds of web templates which you can use for your web sites. Our website builder comes with 70+ templates for simpler websites and it will allow you to use pre-defined pages, choose the style or color scheme for a given theme, and so forth. For dynamic websites we have many templates which you can use with script apps such as WordPress, Mambo or Moodle. You'll be able to modify various settings for each template using the administration panel of the corresponding script, so you'll not need any programming knowledge in order to have a wonderful Internet site. All the web templates are provided totally free and are accessible through the hosting CP, so you'll not need to waste money on buying paid web themes or hiring a web designer.

Free Website Templates in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you obtain a semi-dedicated server solution from our company, you'll have access to a large number of web themes which you can use for your Internet sites. We will offer you several online website design instruments - a web based site builder and a large script app library. The site builder includes more than 70 web themes, each with different styles, color schemes and ready pages for various purposes. If you’d like to use a script such as WordPress or Moodle, you'll be able to pick from tens of beautiful templates with a lot of advanced options that you could manage easily through the script administration panel. With our semi-dedicated hosting plans you'll be able to save a great deal of money that you'll otherwise have to invest in website design services or paid themes on third-party sites.